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[collection]MIT-OCW Favorites
MIT-OCW Favorites
Keywords: favorites
[audio]onidan_MIT_OCW - Dan LaSota
Keywords: OpenCourseWare Review Podcast
Downloads: 17
[movies]MIT OCW 18.03 Differential Equations - AMPS
MIT OCW 18.03 Differential Equations video lectures from Fall 2003
Keywords: differential equations; mathematics
Downloads: 24,972
[movies]OCW Scholar: Fundamentals of Biology
Instructor: Dr. Michelle Mischke This collection contains clips from lecture videos of MIT's Introduction to Biology classes. Each video will show the instructor explaining a concept that is covered in the session of the Fundamentals of Biology. View the complete course:
Keywords: Mendel; Mendel's laws; pea plants; experiments; inherited traits; controls; gene; allele; genotype; heterozygote; homozygote; phenotype; dominant; recessive; independent assortment; round; wrinkled; green; yellow; true-breeding; cytology; chromosomes; drosophila; levels of organization; biosphere; ecosystem; organism; organ; tissues; cells; organelles; molecules; nucleated cells; prokaryotes; eukaryotes; heredity; transforming principle; Griffiths; Pneumoccocus bacteria; virulent; Avery; McCarty; McLeod; DNA; adenine; guanine; thymine; cytosine; deoxyribose; polymerization; Hershey-Chase; bacterial viruses; Watson; Crick; Franklin; x-ray crystallography; double helix; Meselson and Stahl; semi-conservative replication; semi-conservative replication model; DNA; 14N; 15N density centrifugation; DNA Replication; enzyme; bacterial cells; assay; 5'; 3'; primer; nucleotides; DNA Polymerase; primase; ligase; topo isomerase; topological problem; fidelity of replication; cloning; purification; vector; transformation
Downloads: 91,274
[audio]MIT OCW - RES.6-006
This resource contains demonstrations used to illustrate the theory and applications of lasers and optics. Lasers today are being used in an ever-increasing number of applications. In fact, there is hardly a field that has not been touched by the laser. Lasers are playing key roles in the home, office, hospital, factory, outdoors, and theater, as well as in the laboratory.
Keywords: lasers; optics; demonstrations; linear polarizer; polarization rotation; optical isolator; light; dielectric; scattering; Rayleigh scattering; reflection; glass-air boundary; air-glass boundary; Brewster's angle; total internal reflection; phase shifts; interference; fringe contrast; coherence; plane mirror cavity; curved mirror cavity; Fraunhofer diffraction; Fresnel diffraction; single slit; double-slit; multiple slit; optical fiber; light amplifier; argon laser
Downloads: 15,681
[movies]MIT OCW - Course 8.01 Physics I: Classical Mechanics, Fall 1999 - Lecture 07 - Weight - Walter Lewin
Weight - Perceived Gravity - Weightlessness Free Fall - Zero Gravity in Orbit (misnomer) Video lecture made available through MIT's OpenCourseWare initiative.
Keywords: MIT; OCW; Physics; OpenCourseWare; Weight
Downloads: 798
[movies]Mathematical Methods of Engineers 2 from MIT OCW - MIT OCW, Gil Strang
Mathematical Methods of Engineers II from MIT OpenCourseWare is a continuation of Mathematical Methods for Engineers I (18.085). Topics include numerical methods; initial-value problems; network flows; and optimization. Professor Gil Strang is a very popular mathematics professor at MIT.
Keywords: video lectures, numerical methods, initial-value problems, network flows, optimization
Downloads: 3,492
[movies]MIT OCW - 18.06 Linear Algebra, Spring 2005 - MIT
This is a basic course on matrix theory and linear algebra. Emphasis is given to topics that will be useful in other disciplines, including systems of equations, vector spaces, determinants, eigenvalues, similarity, and positive definite matrices. Made available via MIT's OpenCourseWare initiative.
Downloads: 2,701
[movies]MIT OCW - 6.001 Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs - MIT
This course introduces students to the principles of computation. Upon completion of 6.001, students should be able to explain and apply the basic methods from programming languages to analyze computational systems, and to generate computational solutions to abstract problems. This is the MP4 version for smaller file size and iPod compatibility. "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs has been MIT's introductory pre-professional computer science subject since 1981...
Keywords: ocw; mit; opencourseware
Downloads: 115,122 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[unknown]MIT OCW 18.03 Differential Equations Video Lectures Spring 2004
18.03 Differential Equations video lectures from Spring 2004. 33 lectures approx 1hr each. See MPEG filenames for lecture numbers.
Downloads: 287,015 (1 review)
[movies]MIT OCW - 8.01 Physics I: Classical Mechanics, Fall 1999 - MIT
8.01 is a first-semester freshman physics class in Newtonian Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, and Kinetic Gas Theory. In addition to the basic concepts of Newtonian Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, and Kinetic Gas Theory, a variety of interesting topics are covered in this course: Binary Stars, Neutron Stars, Black Holes, Resonance Phenomena, Musical Instruments, Stellar Collapse, Supernovae, Astronomical observations from very high flying balloons (lecture 35), and you will be allowed a peek into the int...
Keywords: ocw; opencourseware; mit; physics
Downloads: 15,265
[collection]MIT OpenCourseWare
MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW), available at, makes the course materials used in the teaching of all MIT undergraduate and graduate subjects available on the Web, free of charge, to any user in the world. Educators utilize the materials for curriculum development, while students and self-learners around the globe use them for self-study or supplementary use. With more than 2,000 courses now available, OCW is delivering on the promise of open sharing of knowledge.
Downloads: 6,294,403
[movies]MIT OCW: 2.830J/6.780J/ESD.63J Control of Manufacturing Processes, Spring 2008 - Duane Boning, David Hardt
This course explores statistical modeling and control in manufacturing processes. Topics include the use of experimental design and response surface modeling to understand manufacturing process physics, as well as defect and parametric yield modeling and optimization. Various forms of process control, including statistical process control, run by run and adaptive control, and real-time feedback control, are covered...
Keywords: Process control; manufacturing process; discrete system feedback control theory; empirical and adaptive modeling; off-line optimization; statistical process control; real-time control; 2.830J; 2.830; one-factor-at-a-time; robustness; Shewhart Hypothesis; semiconductor manufacturing
Downloads: 1,650
[movies]MIT OpenCourseWare - MIT 21M.380 Music and Technology: Live Electronics Performance Practices, Spring 2011
Sonorous Currents: A Concert of 21M.380 Live Electronics Performance Practices New works for live electronics with laptops, iPhones, circuits, and other sonological mechanisms Selections from the program: Introduction by Christopher Ariza Work II Christopher Ariza for nine or more laptops and dual-analog gamepads Fruit Loops Hsieh Chen and two other MIT students Improvisation Hsieh Chen, Chris "8-Ball" Reyes, Andrew B...
Keywords: electronic music; improvisation; music synthesis; computer music; student performance
Downloads: 535
[movies]MIT OpenCourseWare Site Tour - MIT OpenCourseWare
A tour of MIT OpenCourseWare.
Keywords: mit opencourseware
Downloads: 221
[movies]MIT ChemLab Boot Camp
Speakers: Dr. John Dolhun, 5.301 students A trailer for the ChemLab Boot Camp series that follows 14 MIT freshmen as they as they face the challenges of learning chemistry the MIT way. Trailer Music: "Arkasia-New World Order (23 Remix)." Performed and recorded by 23. Used with permission. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at More courses at WARNING NOTICE: The experiments described in these materials are ...
Keywords: chemistry; lab; boot camp; 5.301; freshmen; Dow; ChemLab; laboratory
Downloads: 2,039
[movies]MIT OpenCourseWare Staff Picks - MIT OpenCourseWare
MIT OpenCourseWare staff share their favorite courses in these videos.
Keywords: mit opencourseware
Downloads: 272
[movies]MIT OpenCourseWare Milestone Celebration - MIT OpenCourseWare
On November 28, 2007, MIT celebrated the initial publication of the entire MIT curriculum on OpenCourseWare. The celebration was hosted by MIT president Susan Hockfield, and included a keynote address by Thomas Friedman, columnist for The New York Times The event also included a panel discussion on the future of education and OpenCourseWare, as well as an announcement of a new MIT OpenCourseWare initiative, Highlights for High School...
Keywords: MIT OpenCourseWare; Milestone; Celebration; Highlights for highschool
Downloads: 867
Instructors: Prof. Esther Duflo and Prof. Abhijit Banerjee View the complete course: Video lectures of the course 14.73 recorded in Spring 2011. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at More courses at
Keywords: poverty; economics; consumption; food; health; education; family; insurance; risk; credit; savings; entrepreneurship; politics
Downloads: 10,682
[movies]MIT Electronic Feedback Systems (1985)
Instructor: James K. RobergeElectronic Feedback Systems presents material that practicing engineers need for the effective design and analysis of electronic and electromechanical systems that utilize feedback.View the complete course: Creative Commons BY-NC-SAMore information at courses at
Keywords: modeling; advantages of feedback; transient and frequency response; stability; compensation; nonlinear analysis; operational amplifiers; magnetic levitator; amplitude-stabilized low distortion oscillatory; phase-locked loop; model train speed-control system
Downloads: 9,209
[movies]MIT21F_Kanji - MIT OpenCourseWare
Students studying Japanese at MIT learn new kanji every semester. These videos demonstrate stroke order for over 1000 kanji. They were done by Prof. Saeko Komori of Chubu University; please see the JP Net Kanji Project for more details.
Keywords: Kanji; Japanese; stroke order; MIT; OpenCourseWare
Downloads: 3,674
[movies]MIT STS.050 The History of MIT, Spring 2011
View the complete course: Instructors: Merrit Roe Smith, David Mindell This course examines the history of MIT through the lens of the broader history of science and technology, and vice versa. The course covers the founding of MIT in 1861 and goes through the present, including such topics as William Barton Rogers, educational philosophy, biographies of MIT students and professors, intellectual and organizational development, the role of science, changing laborator...
Keywords: history of MIT; history of technology; history of higher education; history; MIT; Boston; Cambridge; MIT 150
Downloads: 2,277
[movies]MIT ESD.932 Engineering Ethics, Spring 2006
Instructor: Taft Broome View the complete course: License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at More courses at
Keywords: philosophy; myth; Kant; John Stuart Mill; Kierkegaard; Augustine; Joseph Campbell; risk; disaster; honesty; whisteblower; social responsibility; Pugwash; environment; bioethics; lawsuit; praxistics; decision making; management; accident; choice; morals; complexity; judgement; consequence
Downloads: 4,601
Instructors: Tom Leighton, Marten van Dijk This course covers elementary discrete mathematics. Mathematical definitions and proofs are emphasized. Topics include formal logic, induction, graph theory, asymptotic notation and growth of functions, counting principles, and discrete probability. View the complete course:
Keywords: formal logic notation; proof methods; induction; sets; relations; graph theory; integer congruences; asymptotic notation; growth of functions; permutations; combinations; counting; discrete probability
Downloads: 45,192
[movies]MIT5.301IAP04 - MIT OpenCourseWare
This course is an intensive introduction to the techniques of experimental chemistry and gives first year students an opportunity to learn and master the basic chemistry lab techniques for carrying out experiments. Students who successfully complete the course and obtain a "Competent Chemist" (CC) or "Expert Experimentalist" (EE) rating are likely to secure opportunities for research work in a chemistry lab at MIT...
Keywords: chemistry; experiment; laboratory techniques; purification; transfer and extraction; column chromatography; protein assays; error analysis; NMR; IR; gas chromatography; spectroscopy; UV-Vis; experimental chemistry; original research projects
Downloads: 393
[movies]MIT 9.04 Sensory Systems, Fall 2013 - MIT OpenCourseWare
View the complete course: Peter H. Schiller, Chris BrownThis collection includes 23 lectures, including presentation of slides in each session, which cover the visual and auditory systems.License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SAMore information at courses at
Keywords: sensory systems; visual system; auditory system; neural basis; vision; audition; sensory perception; mammalian nervous system; visual pattern; color; depth perception; auditory response; sound localization; cochlear implant; hearing
Downloads: 567
[movies]MIT 15.390 New Enterprises, Fall 2013 - MIT OpenCourseWare
MIT 15.390 New Enterprises, Fall 2013View the complete course: Bill AuletBill Aulet talks about his 24 step process to launching a successful startup. Learn about key steps to launch a successful startup, and understand the importance of discipline, experimentation, iteration, and customer focus in the entrepreneurial process.License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SAMore information at courses at
Keywords: entrepreneurship; innovation; startups; MIT; Bill-Aulet; 24-Steps; Massachusetts-Institute-of-Technology; technology-entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship-education; commercialization
Downloads: 1,842
[movies]MIT 6.S079 Nanomaker, Spring 2013 - MIT OpenCourseWare
View the complete course: Dr. Katey Lo, Dr. Joseph Summers, Prof. Vladimir BulovicThis collection contains a series of lab and demonstration videos that correspond to the labs conducted during the course. Step-by-step instructions are provided, along with a series of exploratory tests and examples when relevant.License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SAMore information at courses at
Keywords: spectrometer; holography; LED; PDMS; microfluidic; doping; piezoelectricity; photovoltaic
Downloads: 564
[audio]MIT CMS.608 Game Design, Spring 2014 - MIT OpenCourseWare
Instructors: Philip Tan, Richard EberhardtSelected audio lectures from Game Design, Fall 2013, covering designing, prototyping, testing, and revising, board, card, and other types of non-digital games.*Note: Not every class session has audio recordings available.View the complete course at: Creative Commons BY-NC-SAMore information at courses at
Keywords: game; play; mechanic; random; board; card; simulation; rule; prototype
Downloads: 620
[movies]Celebrating a Decade of MIT OpenCourseWare
MIT OpenCourseWare celebrates its 10th anniversary on April 4, 2011 Speakers: Cecilia d'Oliveira, Philip Khoury, Dick Yue, Hazel Sive For more information see:
Keywords: MIT; OCW; OpenCourseWare; Next Decade; 10th anniversary
Downloads: 47
[movies]MIT11.948S05 - MIT OpenCourseWare
This course is being offered in conjunction with the colloquium The Politics of Reconstructing Iraq, which is sponsored by MIT's Center for International Studies and Department of Urban Studies and Planning. Fundamentally, the course focuses on contemporary post-conflict countries (or in-conflict countries) and the role of planning and reconstruction in building nations, mitigating conflicts, reshaping the social, spatial, geopolitical, and political life, and determining the country's future.
Keywords: planning; politics; post-conflict reconstruction; Marshall Plan; reconstruction of Japan; Bosnia and Herzegovina; September 11 reconstruction; Iraq politics and society; post-war planning; building democracy; international organizations; Iraqi-Arab discourse; vision; stability; resistance
Downloads: 1,261
[movies]MIT6.035F05 - MIT OpenCourseWare
6.035 is a course within the department's "Computer Systems and Architecture" concentration. This course analyzes issues associated with the implementation of high-level programming languages. Topics covered include: fundamental concepts, functions, and structures of compilers, basic program optimization techniques, the interaction of theory and practice, and using tools in building software...
Keywords: computer language; computer language engineering; high-level programming; compilers; program optimization; software; Java; MIPS; machine code
Downloads: 13,280
[movies]MIT6.111S06 - MIT OpenCourseWare
6.111 is reputed to be one of the most demanding classes at MIT, exhausting many students' time and creativity. The course covers digital design topics such as digital logic, sequential building blocks, finite-state machines, FPGAs, timing and synchronization. The semester begins with lectures and problem sets, to introduce fundamental topics before students embark on lab assignments and ultimately, a digital design project...
Keywords: digital systems laboratory; laboratory; digital logic; Boolean algebra; flip-flops; finite-state machines; FSM; microprogrammed systems; digital abstractions; digital paradigm; digital oscilloscopes; PAL; PROM; VHDL; digital circuit design; FPGA; counters; timing; synchronization; digital filters; wireless communications; verilog
Downloads: 2,610
[movies]MIT6.270IAP05 - MIT OpenCourseWare
6.270 is a hands-on, learn-by-doing class, in which participants design and build a robot that will play in a competition at the end of January. The goal for the students is to design a machine that will be able to navigate its way around the playing surface, recognize other opponents, and manipulate game objects. Unlike the machines in Design and Manufacturing I (2.007), 6.270 robots are totally autonomous, so once a round begins, there is no human intervention.The goal of 6.270 ...
Keywords: lego; robot; soldering; contest; gearboxes; motors; sensors; c code; IR LEDs; shaft encoding; handy board
Downloads: 7,794
[audio]MIT7.013S05 - MIT OpenCourseWare
The MIT Biology Department core courses, 7.012, 7.013, and 7.014, all cover the same core material, which includes the fundamental principles of biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and cell biology. Biological function at the molecular level is particularly emphasized and covers the structure and regulation of genes, as well as, the structure and synthesis of proteins, how these molecules are integrated into cells, and how these cells are integrated into multicellular systems and organism...
Keywords: biology; biochemistry; genetics; molecular biology; recombinant DNA; cell cycle; cell signaling; cloning; stem cells; cancer; immunology; virology; genomics; molecular medicine; DNA; RNA; proteins; replication; transcription; mRNA; translation; ribosome; nervous system; amino acids; polypeptide chain; cell biology; neurobiology; gene regulation; protein structure; protein synthesis; gene structure; PCR; polymerase chain reaction; protein localization; endoplasmic reticulum; human biology; inherited diseases; developmental biology; evolution; human genetics; human diseases; infectious agents; infectious diseases
Downloads: 21,008
[movies]MIT16.810IAP05 - MIT OpenCourseWare
This course provides students with an opportunity to conceive, design and implement a product, using rapid prototyping methods and computer-aid tools. The first of two phases challenges each student team to meet a set of design requirements and constraints for a structural component. A course of iteration, fabrication, and validation completes this manual design cycle. During the second phase, each team conducts design optimization using structural analysis software, with their phase one prototy...
Keywords: engineering design; rapid prototyping; manufacturing; testing; system components; complex structural parts; hand sketching; CAD; CAD modeling; CAE; CAE analysis; CAM programming; CNC; CNC machining; computer aided design; computer aided; structual testing; multiobjective design; optimization; computational methods; tools; design process; design competition; active learning; hands-on; human creativity; holistic; solidworks; finite element; FEM; FEM analysis; COSMOS; omax; presentation; CDIO; structural testing
Downloads: 1,434
[movies]MIT Understanding Lasers and Fiberoptics - MIT OpenCourseWare
Lasers are essential to an incredibly large number of applications. Today, they are used in bar code readers, compact discs, medicine, communications, sensors, materials processing, computer printers, data processing, 3D-imaging, spectroscopy, navigation, non-destructive testing, chemical processing, color copiers, laser "shows", and in the military. There is hardly a field untouched by the laser. But what exactly is so unique about lasers that makes them so effective? This brief video course is...
Keywords: lasers; fiberoptics; unique properties; oscillator; optical amplifiers; simple laser operations; optimum power output; spontaneous emission broadening; collision broadening; Doppler broadening; spectrum of laser light; multifrequency output from lasers; optics of laser beams; manipulation of laser beams; amplifier limitations; laser cavities; single frequency selection; frequency stability of lasers; intensity stability of lasers; laser transverse modes; spectrum of transverse modes; Q-switching of lasers; cavity dumping of lasers; mode locking of lasers; laser categories; optically-pumped lasers; broadband optically-pumped lasers; bandwidth reduction and tuning of broadband lasers; electron-collision-pumped lasers; atom-collision-pumped lasers; chemically-pumped lasers; electron-current-injection-pumped lasers; survey of popular lasers; laser applications; high beam collimation; small spot size; tunable wavelength; narrow spectral width; high intensity; short pulse
Downloads: 7,970 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]MIT 16.346 Astrodynamics, Fall 2008 - MIT OpenCourseWare
This course covers the fundamentals of astrodynamics, focusing on the two-body orbital initial-value and boundary-value problems with applications to space vehicle navigation and guidance for lunar and planetary missions, including both powered flight and midcourse maneuvers. Other topics include celestial mechanics, Kepler's problem, Lambert's problem, orbit determination, multi-body methods, mission planning, and recursive algorithms for space navigation...
Keywords: space navigation; two body problem; boundary value problem; Kepler; astrodynamics; orbital transfer; satellite; hyperbolic orbits; planetary flybys; hypergeometric functions; flight guidance; three body problem; Clohessy-Wiltshire equation; Hodograph plane; Battin-vaughan formulation; atmospheric drag; disturbing function
Downloads: 4,125
[audio]MIT 1.72 Groundwater Hydrology, Fall 2005 - MIT OpenCourseWare
NOTE: The RealMedia files are the originals, the MP4s are transcoded from them.This course covers fundamentals of subsurface flow and transport, emphasizing the role of groundwater in the hydrologic cycle, the relation of groundwater flow to geologic structure, and the management of contaminated groundwater. The class includes laboratory and computer demonstrations.View the complete course: Charles HarveyLicense: Creative Commons BY-NC-SAMore information at ...
Keywords: D'arcy equation; flow nets; mass conservation; the aquifer flow equation; heterogeneity and anisotropy; storage properties; regional circulation; unsaturated flow; recharge; stream-aquifer interaction; well hydraulics; flow through fractured rock; numerical models; groundwater quality; contaminant transport processes; dispersion; decay; adsorption
Downloads: 2,828
[movies]MIT 18.06 Linear Algebra, Spring 2005 - MIT OpenCourseWare
*Please note that Lecture 4 is unavailable in a higher quality format. Instructor/speaker: Prof. Gilbert Strang View the complete course at: This is a basic subject on matrix theory and linear algebra. Emphasis is given to topics that will be useful in other disciplines, including systems of equations, vector spaces, determinants, eigenvalues, similarity, and positive definite matrices...
Keywords: systems of equations, vector spaces, positive definite matrices, matrix theory, linear algebra, determinants, eigenvalues, similarity, least-squares approximations, stability of differential equations, networks, Fourier transforms, Markov processes
Downloads: 319,430 3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]MIT OpenCourseWare Press Conference - April 4, 2001
On April 4, 2001, MIT President Charles Vest leads a press conference to announce the establishment of MIT's OpenCourseWare (OCW), the web-based program to provide free access to MIT course content, including lecture notes, problem sets, exams and videos. Vest describes OCW as a "natural marriage of American higher education and the capabilities of the World Wide Web," and a reflection of MIT faculty's "deeply ingrained sense of service" and "incredible idealism." The discussion covers issues of...
Keywords: MIT OpenCourseWare
Downloads: 53
[movies]MIT OpenCourseWare Press Conference - April 4, 2001
Speakers: Kenneth Campbell, Charles Vest, Steven Lerman, Harold Abelson, Dick Yue On April 4, 2001, MIT President Charles Vest leads a press conference to announce the establishment of MIT's OpenCourseWare (OCW), the web-based program to provide free access to MIT course content, including lecture notes, problem sets, exams and videos. Vest describes OCW as a "natural marriage of American higher education and the capabilities of the World Wide Web," and a reflection of MIT faculty's "deeply ingr...
Keywords: MIT; OCW; OpenCourseWare; launch; faculty; press conference; announcement; free; courses
Downloads: 39
[movies]MIT 2.71 Optics, Spring 2009
Instructors: George Barbastathis, Colin Sheppard, Se Baek Oh This course provides an introduction to optical science with elementary engineering applications. Topics covered in geometrical optics include: ray-tracing, aberrations, lens design, apertures and stops, radiometry and photometry. Topics covered in wave optics include: basic electrodynamics, polarization, interference, wave-guiding, Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction, image formation, resolution, space-bandwidth product...
Keywords: optical science; elementary engineering applications; Geometrical optics; ray-tracing; aberrations; lens design
Downloads: 21,426
[audio]MIT 9.20 Animal Behavior, Fall 2013 - MIT OpenCourseWare
Instructor: Prof. Gerald SchneiderThe introductory topics will cover various approaches to the study of animals and their behavior. Key concepts in studies of animal behavior, emphasizing ethology, are covered in class and in the assigned readings from Scott (2005), supplemented by selections from other books, especially from classics in the field as well as selected videos. Next, key concepts in sociobiology are covered using readings from Alcock (2001), supplemented by selections from addition...
Keywords: animal behavior; sociobiology; mating behaviors; altruism; path analysis; group selection; fitness; ethology; behavioral organization; behavioral ecology; naturalists; behavioral evolution; reproduction; antipredatory behavior; foraging; feeding; adaptive behavior; learning; imprinting
Downloads: 1,776
[movies]Chemistry in Action: Profiles of MIT Researchers
Instructor(s): Jacquin Niles; Liz Nolan; Katharina RibbeckThis collection of videos highlights the inspiring chemistry research done by three professors at MIT.Professor Jacquin Niles discusses growing up in the small Caribbean nation of Anguilla and how that inspired him to study the cause and prevention of malaria. Professor Liz Nolan researches the ways in which bacteria interact with the human body...
Keywords: chemistry; lab; biochemistry; malaria; slime; mucus; bacteria; inspirational; video
Downloads: 875
[movies]MIT 11.945 Springfield Studio, Fall 2005 - MIT OpenCourseWare
The Springfield Studio is a practicum course that focuses on the economic, programmatic and social renewal of an urban community in Springfield, Massachusetts by combining classroom work with an applied class project. The course content covers the areas of neighborhood economic development and the related analysis and planning tools used to understand and assess urban conditions from an economic and community development perspective...
Keywords: economic development; civic planning; community planning; urban renewal; phasing; neighborhood revitalization; Springfield; Massacusetts; community interaction; urban fabric; economic development; social renewal; entrepreneurship; economic analysis; small business development; politics
Downloads: 441
[movies]MIT 18.06SC Linear Algebra, Fall 2011 [MIT 18.06SC 线性代数 秋 2011]
这是一组解题视频。每一个视频由一位助教通过一个具体的线性代数问题向开放课程读者展示如何求解。 (This collection contains a group of problem solving videos. Each video is led by a teaching assistant, who works through a particular linear algebra problem to show OCW users how to complete it.) View the complete course at:
Keywords: matrix theory; linear algebra; systems of equations; vector spaces; determinants; eigenvalues; similarity; positive definite matrices; least-squares approximations; stability of differential equations; networks; Fourier transforms; Markov processes; 矩阵理论; 线性代数; 方程组; 向量空间; 行列式; 特征值; 相似; 正定矩阵; 最小平方近似; 微分方程的稳定性; 网络; 傅里叶变换; 马尔可夫过程
Downloads: 4,278
[movies]MIT Calculus Revisited: SIngle Variable Calculus - MIT OpenCourseWare
View the complete course at: Resource Description: Calculus Revisited is a series of videos and related resources that covers the materials normally found in a freshman-level introductory calculus course. The series was first released in 1970 as a way for people to review the essentials of calculus. It is equally valuable for students who are learning calculus for the first time...
Keywords: calculus; single variable; sets; functions; derivatives; limits; differentiation; circular functions; definite integral; transcendental functions; integration; infinite series
Downloads: 18,383
[movies]MIT OpenCourseWare 1800 event introduction videos - MIT OpenCourseWare
These videos provide a quick overview of the MIT OpenCourseWare and Highlights for High School programs. They are from the MIT OpenCourseWare 1800 event: Unlocking Knowledge, Empowering Minds: A Milestone Celebration. The event celebrates the publishing of the 1800th course on MIT OpenCourseWare.
Keywords: MIT; Massacusetts Institute of Technoology; OpenCourseWare; OCW; Highlight for High School; 1800 Event; courses; celebration; Unlocking Knowledge; Empowering Minds; milestone
Downloads: 207
[audio]MIT 9.20 Animal Behavior, Fall 2005
Instructor: Gerald Schneider Most of the major categories of adaptive behavior can be seen in all animals. This course begins with the evolution of behavior, the driver of nervous system evolution, reviewed using concepts developed in ethology, sociobiology, other comparative studies, and in studies of brain evolution. The roles of various types of plasticity are considered, as well as foraging and feeding, defensive and aggressive behavior, courtship and reproduction, migration and navigation, ...
Keywords: animal behavior; ethology; behavioral organization; human ethology; habitat; sociobiology; mammals; behavioral ecology; naturalists; behavioral evolution; habitat selection; social organization; sexuality; mating; reproduction; animal learning; antipredatory behavior; feeding; foraging; adaptive behavior
Downloads: 8,864
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